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Getting Rid of Acne on Oily Skin

Shiny, greasy, sticky. That’s the feeling when you have an oily skin. Frequent powder breaks are a must to keep your skin from looking like a frying pan. Having an oily skin can also make you prone to acne outbreaks. As we all know, the more oil you produce the more you are prone to have acne. This article will describe how acne is formed on oily skin and how to manage this type of acne.

Before we go to the dirty stuff, we need to understand the physiology of individuals with oily skin. Individuals with oily skin have large pores. The oil ducts that opens to the surface of the skin is larger allowing more oil to flow freely to the surface. This allows faster elimination of excess oil to the surface. However, when these pores are clogged, the excess oil can harden and this will form a plug. You will still have oily skin though because not all of the pores are clogged. This is when all the acne cycle starts.

The bacteria trapped inside the pores thrive on the oils produced by your sebaceous glands. Because your pores are plugged, the produced oil will not go anywhere. The bacteria will then replicate and multiply causing an inflammatory response in your body. You will then experience the different signs and symptoms that goes along with acne such as swelling, pain, pus and redness.

So how do you treat acne on oily skin? The answer is to target the dead skin cells, the hardened oil and to control the bacterial overgrowth inside your pores. You can do all these by using three different treatments, the cleanser, the toner and an acne treatment gel or cream.

The acne cleanser helps remove dead skin cells that covers your pores. These dead skin cells initially trapped the oil inside and for your treatment to get rid of the bacterial overgrowth, you need to remove these plugs. Using a cleanser twice a day can also help prevent future breakouts. Your cleanser should contain active compounds that will gently exfoliate your skin. Some cleansers come with micro bead particles. These particles act as micro scrubbers. Important note, when you use cleanser that have small grains, it is important that you apply it as gently as possible. This will reduce the risk of skin damage and blisters. The clearing tonic removes the clumped up oil and the acne treatment serum on the other hand will get rid of the acne causing bacteria.

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